Quality and product safety

The safety of the system has always been nivtec’s top priority. During recent years safety regulations have been intensified and adapted to increased strain. At the beginning of 2009 we complied with the obligations resulting from this development by submitting our system to extensive series of tests in co-operation with TÜV Thüringen e.V., Inspection Authority for Stability of Temporary Structures. Static analyses have been verified and acceptance tests of stages with various base constructions at different heights, seat galleries as well as accessories and additional components such as rails, fastening devices for seats etc. have been conducted. The corresponding documentation was published in catalog 2009. The introduction of standards DIN EN 13814 and in consequence the conversion of the system acc. to the regulations of these standards required a total revision. Since beginning of 2012 all static analyses have been recalculated and verified and additional TÜV tests have been executed.

The Platform – the Core of the System


Technical Know-How – our Patents
What sets the nivtec Staging System apart?

1.system 01
leg support  patented: fit in the leg 
 turn the lever  ready!

2.system 02
hook-on sytem  patented: 
hook tongue profile into groove profile

3.system 04
integrated locking mechanism Klick-Klack:
lock mechanism  ready!

4.system 04
multiplex plywood panel, 
thickness 12 mm: low weight

5.system 05
assembly of legs:
no tools required

6.system 06
assembly of stage with standard platforms:
no additional connection parts required

7.system 07
compatible with Layher:
easy and stepless height adjustment

8.system 08
example: reduction of legs for a stage 12 x 8 m from 192 to 63 legs

instead of 63 + 63 + 63 + 3

63 legs only

9.system 09 

system 10
assembly of ramps: quickly made!
10.system 11
rolling risers: easily done!

nivtec combines

  • high quality material with origin in Remscheid, Germany and the EU
  • precision and care due to part production with nivtec’s own tools
  • continuous production control of suppliers‘ processes and at our own premises
  • structural calculations acc. to current regulations
  • continuous technical monitoring with TÜV inspections

All this has its costs, but in the end the result pays off. Because with nivtec

system 12

you save Power - less assembly staff

system 13

you save Time - short assembly and

thus you save Money - time and manpower do have their prices

The Proof

stage height 60 cm – record attempt
... just one left

system 14

hook in,

system 15

close locking mechanism,

system 16
Stage 6 x 4 m: 
material: 12 platforms + 20 alu legs

ready !

system 17
assembly crew: 2 people
assembly time: 3:58 min

system 18

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