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Audio & Lighting in St. Catherine's British School Theater 

Our company has recently carried out very demanding, related installation works of audiovisual equipment, such as the sound and lighting equipment of the recently renovated theaters AKROPOL, VEAKI, PEROKE, DELFINARIO and KORONET as well as the permanent waterproof lighting installation with led lighting for Industrial Gas Museum’s gasholders.. led lighting has been studied and delivered with the strictest terms and specifications to be reversible due to the designation of Gas Museum’s as Industrial Museums by Archeology.

St.Cathrine College
St. Catherine's British school 

The aim of this project was the study and the supply of the audiovisual installation of the theater in the new building of St. Catherine’s British School in Kifissia together with the required infrastructure for the support of the sound system and lighting  such as  electrical requirements of the installation with the corresponding equipment hanging systems. Always with priority in the protection of students and school staff in combination with the most cost-effective construction design.

The project included a complete and flexible lighting system. The system is designed to allow medium-scale theatrical performances, music, conferences and orchestral works.
It includes complete design, engineering, design production, construction, procurement, installation, adjustment of work, testing, commissioning, customer delivery and training.

Our company designed and manufactured Custom solutions for the needs of the project.