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The Platform – the Core of the System


Technical Know-How – our Patents
What sets the nivtec Staging System apart?

1.system 01

leg support  patented: fit in the leg 
 turn the lever  ready!

2.system 02

hook-on sytem  patented: 
hook tongue profile into groove profile

3.system 04

integrated locking mechanism Klick-Klack:
lock mechanism  ready!

4.system 04

multiplex plywood panel, 
thickness 12 mm: low weight

5.system 05

assembly of legs:
no tools required

6.system 06

assembly of stage with standard platforms:
no additional connection parts required

7.system 07

compatible with Layher:
easy and stepless height adjustment

8.system 08

example: reduction of legs for a stage 12 x 8 m from 192 to 63 legs

instead of 63 + 63 + 63 + 3

63 legs only


9.system 09 
system 10assembly of ramps: quickly made!
10.system 11rolling risers: easily done!

nivtec combines

  • high quality material with origin in Remscheid, Germany and the EU
  • precision and care due to part production with nivtec’s own tools
  • continuous production control of suppliers‘ processes and at our own premises
  • structural calculations acc. to current regulations
  • continuous technical monitoring with TÜV inspections

All this has its costs, but in the end the result pays off. Because with nivtec

system 12
you save Power - less assembly staff
system 13
you save Time - short assembly and
thus you save Money - time and manpower do have their prices

The Proof

stage height 60 cm – record attempt

... just one left

system 14

hook in,

system 15

close locking mechanism,

system 16Stage 6 x 4 m: 
material: 12 platforms + 20 alu legs

ready !

system 17assembly crew: 2 people
assembly time: 3:58 min
system 18