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Adamson Systems Engineering has named KARIOTIS AUDIO & LIGHTING as its exclusive distributor for Greece and Cyprus.


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(PHOTO: (From Left to Right :  Pantelis Kariotis -KARIOTIS Sales Manager-Technical advisor / Jasper Ravesteijn - Adamson's Sales Director EMEA / Marios Kariotis - KARIOTIS Sales Manager- Chief Accountant)


«We looked at factors such as the speed of deployment, the logic of the system, its capabilities, and sonic performance», said Pantelis Kariotis, Kariotis bros Sales manager- Technical advisor.


adamson kariotis

«We’re very excited about this cooperation. Adamson Systems Engineering is one of the world's largest companies with high reliability», said Marios Kariotis, Kariotis Sales and Account Manager


Adamson  Systems  Engineering  founded in 1983 by Brock Adamson, Ontario-based Adamson Systems Engineering has evolved from a small operation into a leading supplier of cutting-edge products for the professional touring and installation market. Today, Adamson products can be found gracing world-class performing facilities, houses of worship and on stages supporting some of the best known musical acts in the world. 

Significant milestones in ADAMSON's evolution

  1. Use of KEVLAR hardware in the manufacture of loudspeakers 1985
  2. Earl Geddes waveguide 1986
  3. Y-Axis & Co-linear Drive Module 1998
  4. Transfer of production to new plant 2005
  5. The second generation of line array systems 2012
  6. Starting and upgrading of the 2015 factory
  7. New set of 2017 installation speakers


Adamson's continued pursuit for sonic perfection led to a number of important patents in key loudspeaker technologies being published.

  • 1988 /  Loudspeaker  Design  US4975965
  • 2002 /  Axially  Propagating  Mid  and  High  Frequency  US  6628796  B2
  • 2003 /  Wave  Shaping  Sound  Chamber  US6581719B2
  • 2008 /  Rigging  System  for  Loudspeaker  Arrays  US  7328769B1
  • 2013 /  High  Power  Low  Frequency  Transducer  US  20080056527A1
  • 2015 /  Controlled  Summation  Technology
US  20160073195A


Kelvar technology instead of cardboard. Adamson itself manufactures speaker drivers, cabinets and hanging systems.

The use of expensive Kevlar material in low and mid-range units gives greater durability, homogeneity in the suspension and uniformity of loudspeaker vibration, especially at high voltages

From those patented principles emerged complex sound chambers, advanced drivers and innovative rigging and cabinet designs that have set new standards throughout the industry, creating a brand that's synonymous with excellence.

Over the years, Adamson Systems has taken new and interesting approaches to solving problems in speaker technology. A few notables among these have been the MH225, which was the first use of an acoustic waveguide in a commercial loudspeaker system; the successful Metrix and Spektix lines; the Y-Axis line array (with its Co-Linear Drive Module); the SD-21 21-inch, Kevlar cone driver used in the T21 line-arrayable subwoofer cabinet, with its AIR™ rigging system; the Energia E15 (and now E12) line arrays with their central steel/aluminum-framed E-Capsule mid/high section and Autolock rigging. Serious stuff. 

Nowadays ADAMSON systems are in demanding audio, touring and theater productions all over the world, while the continued vigilance of the youth of the research and technology team constantly yields the creation of active units with full processing, interconnection with its protocol MILAN, immersive sound configuration, and on-line metering systems to calculate even set ups .




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